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who we are

With a non-traditional approach to catering like ours, dna events understands that sometimes it's difficult to understand the scope of our services and where we fit in the events industry. With this being the case, we wanted to provide clear, detailed information about who we are and what sets us apart from the rest! 


We are a catering company, but not in the traditional sense!

Though we do not provide in-house food like a traditional caterer, we work with local eateries to serve their famous menus in a full-service capacity. If you want a more personal touch, we can even serve up your family-favorite recipes!

We are not a staffing company, but we do provide staff and equipment in our service packages!

While Austin is home to a number of companies that provide service staff for events, we are not one of them. However, our comprehensive catering service packages do include seasoned texas food handler-certified servers who are ready to provide top-notch service of your specially curated menus. With our service packages, you are ensured to receive all you will need to see your event executed with the utmost in quality and service expertise, complete with a highly skilled service team and catering manager, as well as all of the plates, glassware, flatware, and foodservice equipment that you will need. 

We do not sell alcohol, but we do provide bar service packages!

Though we do not carry a liquor license and therefore do not sell alcohol for events, we do offer full-service bar packages to accommodate clients who wish to provide their own alcohol. Like our catering service packages, our bar packages provide all TABC-certified bartenders and bar equipment necessary for the service of beer, wine, and mixed drinks. all you have to provide is the alcohol! if you are in fact looking for a company that can directly provide your alcohol, our sister company Dagar's Catering holds a liquor license and would be happy to help you with this request!


We are not a rental company, but we can assist in securing your event rentals... and more!

While our service packages include all of the equipment that you will need to execute successful food and beverage service, we know that oftentimes additional equipment and décor are needed to give your event that extra special pizzazz. special. To this end, we are equipped with additional in-house rental items and strong relationships with top-tier rental partners, ready to provide specialty linens, guest tables, chairs, upgraded plates and flatware, and any other items you may need for your special event. As an extension of this service, we can also assist in securing additional event services—such as venue booking, transportation, entertainment, and beyond.


To sum it up... 

dna events is a full-service catering company that works closely with local food providers to curate custom menus. We also provide in-house bar packages, floral services, and assistance in securing other third-party event services. we believe that clients should be able to wholly enjoy their events just as their guests do, while the professionals take care of the rest... and we are here to facilitate this! operating under the motto “be unique, eat unique”, dna events is a truly one-of-a-kind outfit. we ultimately aim to help clients incorporate their own specialty tastes and singular personalities into their event’s food, beverage, and design in a fresh and exciting way! 

To speak with an event specialist about your upcoming event, head over to our contact page!