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The question we get asked most often is "What do you guys do?"

Put simply, DNA Events offers a full-service catering experience minus the food!


We help you share the perfect meal with friends and family by allowing you to choose a food provider you prefer while our team takes care of the rest.


Many restaurants around town offer catering, but don’t meet the full -service requirements of event venues and don't have the necessary equipment and systems in place to provide a full service catering experience with setup/breakdown, equipment, transportation, and servers. This is where DNA Events steps in.


Our experienced staff of catering professionals will handle the catering portion of your event including pickup and delivery of the food, set-up of serving stations, food serving and waitstaff and breakdown of catering equipment. Our team can oversee the entire process and ensure seamless service on the day of your big event!

If you're interested in full service catering with a full menu. Our sister company, Dagar's Catering provides full service catering with full menu options. Visit to learn more.

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